Addiction and Recovery

Recovering from an addiction is a unique experience, which requires specialized treatment and understanding. People often get stuck in a cycle of addiction or compulsive behaviors. This cycle often lasts for years and can be extremely difficult to break. Further, our society struggles to understand addiction and often treats those impacted by the illness poorly. A more nuanced understanding of addiction shows us that addicts are not bad people or choosing to be sick. Instead, those struggling with substances are coping with life, stress, neglect, loss and trauma in the only way they know how. This behavior then creates feelings of guilt and shame, which only contributes to the continuation of the addictive cycle.

The licensed clinicians at Authentic Recovery appreciate that recovery is an ongoing process and must be tailored to each individual. We do not judge people’s behavior or tell them what to do. Our job is to guide those struggling to a healthier path. Our goal is to help our clients discover what is driving their addiction and to understand what is at the root of the addictive behaviors. Through this understanding and support, individuals are able to maintain long term, lasting recovery.

At Authentic Recovery, we also work with individuals that wish to evaluate their drug and/or alcohol use. It often takes years for someone to accept that he/she has a problem with alcohol, drugs, or other compulsive behaviors. We can help evaluate behavior and work with you to determine when, and if, a change is needed.

A different perspective on addiction: