Grief Therapy

Grief is a reaction to any form of loss including the loss of a loved one, job loss, major life transitions, experiences of life threatening illness or the loss of former abilities.

Coping with loss can be one of life’s greatest difficulties, and in our fast-paced world, we often do not give ourselves the attention, time and support we need to process our grief. At times, grief can lead to chronic isolation, loneliness, anger problems, debilitating feelings of guilt, and severe depression. Many of us are tempted to distract ourselves and avoid the pain that comes up when thinking of our loss, but this exhausting pattern is all consuming and unsustainable. The comforting news is that when you turn toward grief and open yourself up to your pain, deep sorrow after loss can be transformed into wisdom, comfort and a deeper sense of life’s meaning.

It is important to acknowledge some specific forms of loss impacting our community currently. Opiate overdose deaths have been on the rise in our region and this greatly impacts everyone in the community. Even if the addicted community member is still alive, there can be a sense of losing the person we once knew. Because of the perceived stigma often attached to addiction, some people find it more challenging to ask for help when experiencing loss related to drug use or overdose. At Authentic Recovery, our clinicians have extensive knowledge and experience with addicted individuals and the impact he or she can have on families and friends. We will receive you with understanding and empathy if this issue pertains to you.

Everyone has his own individual pattern of grieving with an equally unique path to healing and resolution. We recognize this as experienced clinicians and can accommodate your personalized needs during these difficult and vulnerable times.

Possible Therapeutic Interventions:

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